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Greece: Prison sentences in the 2nd trial against Revolutionary Struggle

On March 3rd 2016, the Koridallos prison court sentenced all co-accused in the second trial against Revolutionary Struggle with regard to the attack with a car bomb containing 75kg of explosives against the Bank of Greece’s Supervision Directorate in central Athens on April 10th 2014; the shootout in Monastiraki on July 16th 2014 (when comrade Nikos Maziotis was injured and recaptured by police); and expropriations of bank branches.

Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis was sentenced to life in prison plus 129 years and a fine of 20,000 euros.

Revolutionary Struggle (fugitive) member Pola Roupa was sentenced to 11 years in prison on misdemeanor charges (if arrested, she will stand trial on felony charges, too).

Antonis Stamboulos was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Giorgos Petrakakos was sentenced to 36 years in prison plus a fine of 9,000 euros.


Greece: Police allege helicopter escape attempt by revolutionary comrades held hostage in Korydallos Prison, implicate comrade in clandestinity Pola Roupa of Revolutionary Struggle

Over the last days an anti-terrorist media spectacle is unfolding in Greece. Police released a statement about an incident of attempted helicopter hijack on 21 February; a woman using a fake ID card and apparently with the description of Pola Roupa, clandestine member of R.O. – Revolutionary Struggle attempted to hijack a helicopter departing from Thebes with a pistol. The woman had booked a flight to pick up 5 people at a pre-arranged route, but caused the pilot at gunpoint to change direction towards Attica. At one point, the pilot fought back, being an ex-policeman, who claimed to have recognised Roupa through media photographs. He tried to take the pistol, leading to a struggle which ended in the helicopter being brought down with two bullet holes in the windshield and one in the instrument panel. The woman then escaped and so far has not been captured. Police recovered a pistol mag, headphones and a wig which were sent for forensic analysis. The police believe that this was an attempt to spring imprisoned member of Revolutionary Struggle, Nikos Maziotis, from Korydallos Prison, and they also speak as well of anarchist comrade Antonis Stamboulos, bank robber Giorgos Petrakakos and “at least 2 to 3 members” of R.O. – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire who are suspected of participating. The police now attempt to reconstruct the “synchronisation” of the imprisoned comrades and locate the woman who made the defeated hijacking operation.

Maziotis is held in the isolation dungeon which is the basement of the Woman’s Section of Korydallos, where members of R.O. – November 17 and R.O. – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire are also held. Searches by the security forces took place in all parts of the isolation basement yesterday night revealing absolutely nothing.


Greece: Statement by anarchist comrade Antonis Stamboulos that was read out at the beginning of the 2nd trial of the Revolutionary Struggle

Statement by comrade Antonis Staboulos that was read out at the beginning of the 2nd trial of the Revolutionary Struggle.

As an anarchist hostage, based on my ethical values and the just I represent, I am obliged to not legitimize this trial and the system it serves. I deny the charges attributed to me, not only because they are a product of a penal system which I do not accept, but also because they have nothing to do with reality, something obvious even if we only compare the desperate attempt of the mechanisms to charge me on one hand, and the complete lack of any proof in order to establish these charges on the other.

On October 1st 2014, when they arrested me, the then political leadership did everything they could to present this incident as a grand job. They pulled all the strings they could to prove what the indictment includes and that much more was said through the journalists. Fortunately I was in the hands of the torturers in GADA (Athens police headquarters) and I did not have a tv to suffer the sewage of the mass media. The entire terrorist service strived to prove the great success the faltering government wanted in order to sell this job to the meager minority of the population that voted for it, so they can win a bit more governmental time. The attempts were in vain, as proven with the future  of the government as well the foundations of the indictment. After my arrest the police did not leave a stone unturned in any space me or my relatives had passed through, they even searched a neighbour’s house. They removed dozens of objects, books, computers, mobile phones, keys, they looked for DNA, prints, lifted the telephone records etc etc. what was the proof that came out of all searching and interrogations? A key I had on me when I was arrested and an empty house, irrelevant to the case. And with this the prosecutor proposes my conviction for acts which are not connected except for in the rich imagination and the reason the DAEEB (Directorate of Special Crimes of Violence – the official name of the antiterrorist force) exists. The conceptual leaps they reached in order for me to be here for a year now detained with charges of integration into an organization, attack, use of explosives,  theft etc, highlight the rage of the oppression mechanisms, their need to close cases having successes that translate into medals, and the ease law 187A gives to create guilty people.

Independently of my position concerning the indictment, and because this trial is a political trial, I would like to say that no civil court can judge revolutionary acts. The only thing it can do is impose sentences always based on the specific class interests it serves. These kinds of trials are moments of social war where the laws of the powerful attempt to impose on the just of those bellow. Just like your laws assert the monopoly of violence in the streets, thus in these rooms as well, your laws claim their uniqueness as an undisputed truth. As representatives of the judicial system you apply a methodical continuous and by profession violence on individuals and social groups that voluntarily or involuntarily function as an obstacle or competitively towards the legal validity – in the absolute terrorist violence of the criminal organization called the state, with the unlimited arsenals, the bombs intended for mass murdering, the professional medaled murderers and the police-judicial complex that aims at the preservation of daily capitalist life and the reproduction of the terms of its perpetuation, i.e. crime.

The reciprocation of your role imposes above all the production of guilty people. The principle “innocent until proven guilty” is now reversed: the accused is considered guilty from the start, and is called to prove their innocence. More and more people are locked up in prisons, as proof of the effectiveness of the operation of the penal system, with the greatest criminals free to define, control and use the murderous capitalist system as law or above the law. This is the frame in which you perform your job, serving the smoothness of a monstrosity.

The special character of this court, just like the special laws with which it tries, on one hand claim the necessity of control by above, because it turns against forms of illegality threatening towards the regime (not necessarily revolutionary but powerful when it comes to disputing the state monopoly of violence). On the other, the marginalization of anarchist speech is attempted, this is why these trials take place in closed spaces, without a jury, in order to conceal the fact that these persecutions are clearly political.

Closing I would like to say that in my case the indictment is based on a double arbitrariness. The first is the assumption that I am a member of the R.S., something that does not arise from anywhere, and the second is the charge on the acts attributed to the organization, again with no proof of course. The second part is now the epitome of arbitrariness not only when I comes to me but also if it concerned a member of the organization. The court has absolutely no jurisdiction to judge me as a political entity. Simultaneously, as a person I am struggling to be here in this room since even the aesthetic of bureaucracy causes me disgust, let alone the whole procedure. Therefore, my desire is to intervene as little as possible. When the time comes for my testimony I will make a full statement about everything.

Antonis Staboulos
Translated by Act for freedom now!/boubourAs


Greek prisons: Medical report about 8 anarchist hunger strikers, participants in the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK)

Eight anarchist prisoners of the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK) are still on hunger strike in different hospitals and Greek prisons, demanding the abolition of type C maximum security prisons; abolition of the antiterrorist legislation (articles 187 and 187A); abolition of the anti-hoodie law; abolition of forcible taking of DNA samples, abolition of analysis of DNA samples that contain a mixture of genetic material from more than two individuals, access to DNA samples for analysis by a biology expert witness trusted by the accused; and the release of the polytrauma patient, 17N prisoner Savvas Xiros. According to the latest medical report, all comrades are in critical condition.


Fivos Harisis has lost 22% of his initial body weight; currently treated under police guard in the hospital ‘Attikon’ in Athens, in life-threatening condition.

Antonis Stamboulos has lost 20.5% of his initial body weight; currently treated under police guard in the hospital of Larissa, in life-threatening condition.

Argyris Ntalios has lost 18% of his initial body weight; currently treated under police guard in the hospital of Nikaia in Piraeus, in life-threatening condition.

Giorgos Karagiannidis has lost 17% of his initial body weight; currently held in Koridallos prison, in life-threatening condition.


Grigoris Sarafoudis has lost 16% of his initial body weight; currently held in Koridallos prison, in very critical condition.


Dimitris Politis has lost an average of 10% of his initial body weight; currently held in Koridallos prison.

Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos has lost an average of 10% of his initial body weight; currently held in Koridallos prison.


Yannis Michailidis has lost 8% of his initial body weight; currently held in Koridallos prison.

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Quelle: http://en.contrainfo.espiv.net/2015/04/09/greek-prisons-medical-report-about-8-anarchist-hunger-strikers-participants-in-dak/

Greek prisons: Combative prisoners on collective hunger strike as of March 2nd 2015

On March 2nd 2015, combative prisoners launched a hunger strike in various Greek prisons. Their main demands are: the abolition of Article 187 (criminal organisation) and Article 187A (terrorist organisation) of the Greek Penal Code; of the “hoodie law” (acts committed with concealed physical characteristics); of the legal framework for type C prisons; of the prosecutorial provision of forcible taking of DNA samples – and the immediate release from prison of Savvas Xiros (convicted for his participation in the R.O. 17 November) on health grounds.

So far, those who have joined the political prisoners’ mobilisation and collective hunger strike are three urban guerrillas incarcerated in the E1 wing of Domokos type C prison: Dimitris Koufontinas, Kostas Gournas, and Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis – and five participants in the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK): Antonis Stamboulos (Larissa prison), Tasos Theofilou (Domokos prison), Fivos Harisis, Argyris Ntalios and Giorgos Karagiannidis (Koridallos prison). The rest of the comrades who participate in the Network of Imprisoned Fighters will join the hunger strike in the coming days.

Furthermore, in the E1 wing of Domokos type C prison, Giorgos Sofianidis has been on hunger strike since February 27th, requesting the abolition of type C maximum security prisons, in addition to his immediate transfer to Koridallos prison in order to continue his studies – and as of today, March 2nd, Mohamed-Said Elchibah also went on a hunger strike.

Quelle: http://en.contrainfo.espiv.net/2015/03/02/greek-prisons-combative-prisoners-on-collective-hunger-strike-as-of-march-2nd-2015/

Nikos Maziotis: Armed War, Revolutionary Movement and Social Revolution

On Friday 17th, October there was a public political event held in the National Technical University of Athens, from the comrades of the Vox Social Center, onArmed War, Revolutionary Movement and Social Revolution, during which I was going to speak through the phone from Diavata prison, as a member of the anarchist organization Revolutionary Struggle.

This public political event intended to highlight the huge value of the armed struggle, as an inextricable part of the struggle for the overthrow of the capital and the state, its inseparable connection with the revolutionary movement, the necessity of the armed social revolution under the current conditions, when the system is still in crisis and is illegitimized in the eyes of the society and by the people’s majority. Let me remind that a similar public political event was held on October 9th from the comrades of Terra Incognita squat in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where I had talked through the phone.

One day before the event in the National Technical University in Athens, one of the most known executioners of the Greek people, one of the most zealous submissives of the super-national elite and creditors and fans of the political and social genocide applied in order the capital system to be rescued and a parliamentary representative of the New Democracy, Adonis Georgiadis, asks for an intervention so as the event in the NTU where I was going to speak from the Diavata prison to be forbidden.

In fact, after a political intervention, an order was given to the direction of the Diavata prison and, in particular, to the director Stavropoulos and the warden Valsamis, so as the 8 telephones of the prison’s ground floor where I am detained, were to be switched off, in order for me not to be able to make a phone call and speak to the Athens NTU. The telephones of the prison’s ground floor were switched off from the midday opening of the prison, from 2.15 to 7.45 when the prison is locked for the night, illegally depriving the right of not only for me but for about 200 prisoners as well, to make a phone call. At first, the wardens claimed that the telephones were damaged. The same things were also claimed by the warden Valsamis to the 4-member prisoner’s delegation in which I took part too. In front of the prisoners I answered to him that he was lying and that the deprivation of the right to communicate is illegal. The warden’s response was to terrorize and put pressure on the prisoners not to come in touch with me and not to enter my cell because this is illegal.

This in not the first time that the warden Valsamis has called prisoners into his office in order to interrogate them on what they are talking about with me, or press them not to have any communication with me. At last, the warden Valsamis confessed to a representative of the Albanian prisoners of the ground floor with whom he had a private discussion in his office that he had an order to switch off all the telephones for three hours and he threatened at the same time that in case the prisoners kept protesting, he would put the MAT ([riot] unit for the rehabilitation of order) in prison.

At last, their “democracy” proves to be scared despite their claiming the opposite. Their democracy makes prophylactic policy movements of political censorship just as the fascists regimes do. Because, as Revolutionary Struggle has said, the current regime is a fascist one. We have lived for years in the fascism of Troika, of the International Monetary Fund, of the European Commission and of the European Central Bank. We live in the the fascism of the economical super-national elite. We live in the fascism of the Greek Quisling governments, which bow to the markets and the creditors of the super-national elite.

This action of their switching off the telephones of the Diavata prison’s ground floor so as I am not able to speak proves that the regime is afraid of the Revolutionary Struggle. For 12 years the Greek regime, the Greek state, the local and super-natural elite, the political system is afraid of the Revolutionary Struggle. They are afraid of its actions, afraid of its words. They are afraid of its powerful political messages it sends out. They are afraid of the Revolutionary Struggle’s call to the people, for the subversion and the revolution. They are afraid of the Revolutionary Struggle’s call for the creation of a movement which will try out a subversion of Capital and the State. They are afraid of the destabilizing actions of the Revolutionary Struggle which are aimed against the economical and the political system. They are afraid of the prisoners who are members of the organization, they are afraid of me, who is an injured prisoner, with my right hand broken; a one-hand-disabled in fact. However, as the comrade Pola Roupa said through the interventional text she sent to the October 17th event, “besides the number of bullets they are going to shoot us with, we are not going to bend”.

The regime has admitted at least two times to be afraid of the Revolutionary Struggle, it was once in 2010 when we were arrested one day before the signing of the first Memorandum, when they claimed that “A big terrorist attack will end the economy within a few hours” and now with the arrest of the anarchist comrade Antonis Stamboulos, when the Minister of Public Order stated that “The national effort for the termination of crisis for the country significantly requires the consolidation of a security environment, both on a local and on an international basis. The ensuring of that is a national duty and a primary priority of the government”, directly connecting the Revolutionary Struggle’s actions with the destabilizing role they can play. The same thing happened the previous April with the attack to Mario Draghi’s, the Central European banker’s department, to the Supervision Department of the Bank of Greece, where the office of the representative of the IMF in Greece was also accommodated.

The event of the October 17th, despite the fact that I wasn’t able to speak, was held with success, with the participation of hundreds of comrades. Of an equal success was the event in Thessaloniki in October 9th too. Whatever they do, they won’t manage to shut our mouths. Besides the number of bullets they are going to shoot us with, what they prove is that they are afraid of us, besides the number of counter terrorist laws they are going to create, what they prove is that they are afraid of us. Besides the number of maximum security prisons they are going to build, what they prove is that they are afraid of us. They are going to be afraid of us, even when we are dead. Let me assure them, that the comrades will get the words and the political messages I want to send, in October 31st when the event is going to take place again, in the NTU in Athens.

Nikos Maziotis
Member of the Revolutionary Struggle
Diavata prison

Quelle: http://325.nostate.net/?p=12955#more-12955

Griechische Gefängnisse: Genosse Antonis Stamboulos beendet Hunger- und Durststreik

Am 11. Oktober beendete Antonis Stamboulos seinen Hunger- und Durststreik. Nach fast 5 Tagen des Protestes wurden seine Forderungen nicht erfüllt, er bleibt demnach im Gefängnis von Larissa eingekerkert.

Im Folgenden ein kurzer Auszug seines letzten offenen Briefes:
[…] Heute, da die Solidaritätsbotschaften bis ins Innere des Gefängnisses dringen können und weil die Folgen meiner Verweigerung von Wasser und Nahrung lebensbedrohlich geworden sind, habe ich beschlossen, meinen Streik abzubrechen und auf solche Momente zu warten, wenn die Umstände einen stärkere und effektivere Koordinierung derer innerhalb und außerhalb der Gefängnismauern zulassen. Wir müssen unsere Kräfte für die kommenden Kämpfe aufrechterhalten. […]

Quelle: http://political-prisoners.net/item/3171-griechische-gefaengnisse-genosse-antonis-stamboulos-beendet-hunger-und-durststreik.html

Griechenland: Erklärung von Antonis Stamboulos, inhaftiert in Athens Polizeihauptquartier

„Polizeihauptquartiere, Politiker und Zeitungen; verschiedene Namen, dieselben Schweine“

Am 1. Oktober 2014 wurde ich verhaftet, bekam eine Kapuze über den Kopf gezogen und wurde in einen Verhörraum der Antiterroreinheit gebracht. Von 17 Uhr bis ein Uhr morgens war eine Bande vermummter Bullen damit zugange, während mir die Hände auf dem Rücken gefesselt waren, mir DNA und Fingerabdrücke abzunehmen und mich mit Gewalt zu fotografieren, immer begleitet von höhnischen Bemerkungen, Würgegriffen, Verdrehungen und Schlägen. Sie drohten mir damit, Elektroschocks anzuwenden und dachten wohl, das würde mich dazu bringen, mit ihnen zu kollaborieren. Um ein Uhr morgens sah ich zum ersten Mal unmaskierte Bullen, die mir sagten, ich würde des Terrorismus beschuldigt. Bis 5 Uhr dreißig am Morgen blieb ich in einer 1 mal 3 Meter großen Zelle eingesperrt, immer mit den Händen hinter dem Rücken gefesselt. Am nächsten Tag versuchten sie noch einmal, mich zu fotografieren.

Vom ersten Moment an verweigerte ich Essen und Wasser und verlangte, mit einem Anwalt zu sprechen. 24 Stunden nach der Inhaftierung ließen sie mich schließlich eine Anwältin benachrichtigen, und ich schaffte es, bevor ich vor den Staatsanwalt gebracht wurde, wenigstens ein paar Minuten mit ihr zu sprechen.

Ich teile das gerade Beschriebene mit Kampfgenossinnen und Kampfgenossen als eine kleine Erfahrung des Kampfes.

Egal ob die Haltung des Staates uns gegenüber milde oder hart ist – was immer von den Umständen abhängt – er kann uns in Momenten der Not niemals brechen, solange wir uns der Verantwortung bewusst sind, die wir aufgrund unserer Position als Anarchistinnen und Anarchisten haben.

Es sind die harten Zeiten im Kampf, die uns ein starkes Bewusstsein verleihen. Unter diesen Umständen hält jede und jeder von uns die Ideale der Gesellschaft, für deren Aufbau wir kämpfen, aufrecht. Im Kampf um die Befreiung aus der Klassengesellschaft ist sehr viel Blut vergossen worden und deswegen würden nur Idioten erwarten, dass wir uns vor irgendwelcher Bullenschikanen beugen. Ich habe mich aus zwei Gründen gegen die Bemühungen der staatlichen Lakaien, meine persönlichen Daten zu ermitteln, gewehrt. Erstens wegen meiner eigenen Werte, denn ich glaube, dass ein anarchistischer Revolutionär und eine anarchistische Revolutionärin dem Klassenfeind nicht das kleinste bisschen Boden überlassen darf. Und zweitens, weil ich mir der Schwere der Sache, in die verwickelt bin, bewusst war und deswegen meine mir in Kameradschaft und Freundschaft verbundene Umgebung vor den Klauen derer, die mich gefangen halten, schützen wollte. Als die Clouseaus unfähig waren, meinen Namen rauszufinden, war ich nicht im geringsten gewillt, ihn ihnen zu geben. Zu dem Zeitpunkt, da ich dies schreibe, zwei Tage nach der Festnahme, hat die Polizei mich „schließlich“ identifiziert.

Es ist klar, dass die Beamten der Antiterroreinheit und besonders ihre politischen Vorgesetzten aus meiner Verhaftung einen Sensationserfolg machen wollten. Deshalb das Durchsickern von Informationen an die Presse in Bezug auf das Notizbuch, das angeblich „präzise ausgearbeitete, zeitlich festgelegte Aktionspläne” mit Zielen, Fahrrädern und Würstchen enthalten würde.* Sie schneidern ihre erfundene Geschichte so zurecht, dass sie in ihr Szenario passt; ein Szenario, das sie am Ende immer als die Gewinner dastehen lässt.

Es ist nicht Sache von Polizei und Staatsanwaltschaft, zu wissen, was ich gemacht habe, wer ich bin und warum ich dort war, wo ich mich zum Zeitpunkt meiner Gefangennahme befand; es geht sie wirklich nichts an, sondern allein mich. Deshalb muss ich mich vor irgendwelchen Wächtern der bourgeoisen Legalität nicht rechtfertigen, sondern einzig vor der revolutionären Bewegung, den Genossinnen und Genossen und den Menschen, die gewählt haben, nicht als raya (Sklave) zu leben.

Ich betrachte diese erste Kommunikation mit der Außenwelt als notwendig, da ich mich nicht der Illusion hingebe, nicht in Untersuchungshaft zu landen.

Für die nächste Zeit werde ich durch die Diener des Kapitals gefangen gehalten, aber mein Herz gehört nach wie vor dem Lager der Revolution.

Der Kampf geht weiter.
Lang lebe die Revolution.
Lang lebe Anarchie.

Antonis Stamboulos
aus dem Polizeihauptquartier Alexandras Avenue 173
am frühen Morgen des 4. Oktober 2014

* Bemerkung d. Ü.: Als der Genosse nach seiner Verhaftung im Athener Bezirk Vyronas immer noch nicht identifiziert war, erklärte der Polizeichef öffentlich, dass eines der herausragendsten „Fundstücke“ handgeschriebene Notizen seien, bei denen es sich angeblich um Codebezeichnungen für Sprengstoff handelte.

Quelle: http://de.contrainfo.espiv.net/2014/10/05/griechenland-erklarung-des-anarchisten-antonis-stamboulos-inhaftiert-in-athens-polizeihauptquartier/

Athen, Griechenland: Anarchistischer Gefangener Antonis Stamboulos beginnt Hunger- und Durststreik

Nach seiner Verhaftung am 1. Oktober 2014 wird der des Terrorismus beschuldigte Antonis Stamboulos gegenwärtig in Untersuchungshaft gefangen gehalten.

Am 6. Oktober kündigte der Genosse in einem weiteren offenen Brief einen Hunger- und Durststreik an und verurteilt die Tatsache, dass er im Gefangenentransferzentrum in Athen festgehalten wird. Außerdem protestiert er gegen die fortwährende Medienhetze gegen ihn, der durch Antiterrorbullen angefeuert wird.

Der Presse werden ohne Ende Szenarios voller Terrorwahn zugespielt, damit es der Antiterroreinheit leichter fällt, ihn zu vernichten. Der gefangene Genosse wurde unter anderem als führendes Mitglied der Stadtguerillagruppe „Revolutionärer Kampf“, als einer der Bankräuber von Kleitoria (Achaea, Griechenland) und als angeblicher Nachfolger des getöteten Genossen Lambros Foundas porträtiert, während die Sprachrohre der Mächtigen verbreiteten, dass die gesuchte Anarchistin Pola Roupa mit ihrem Kind angeblich auf den Stufen zu seiner Wohnung in der Kallifrona Straße in Kypseli, einem vermeintlichen „Unterschlupf“, gesehen worden sei. Zugleich sagten Möchtegern-InformantInnen und andere lächerliche Spitzel nur zu bereitwillig gegen ihn aus, so behauptete ein Nachbar seiner Eltern z.B., er habe aus dem Keller ihres Hauses Explosionen gehört.

Die Tatsache, dass die Bullen ihn ins Gefangenentransferzentrum gerbracht haben – entgegen dem Antrag des Staatsanwalts, ihn nach Koridallos zu bringen – offenbart ihre Absicht, ihn in ein anderes, abgelegenes Gefängnis zu bringen. Es geht weniger um ihn als vielmehr darum, seine Verwandten zu zermürben, die zu stundenlangen Reisen gezwungen sein werden, damit sie ihn im Gefängnis besuchen können, und darum, die Arbeit seiner Verteidigerin noch schwieriger zu machen, als sie bereits ist.

Antonis Stamboulos erklärte, dass er es nicht zulassen wird, dass die Drecksäcke der Antiterrorpolizei und ihre Bosse ihm nahestehende Personen fertigmachen. Deshalb (noch bevor sie ankündigen, wohin sie ihn zu verfrachten beabsichtigen) warnte er, dass er nicht akzeptieren wird, irgendwo andershin zu kommen als nach Koridallos, in die Nähe seiner Familie und seiner Anwältin.

Deshalb hat er seinen Hunger- und Durststreik am 6. Oktober begonnen.

Quelle (leicht überarbeitet): http://de.contrainfo.espiv.net/2014/10/07/athen-griechenland-anarchistischer-gefangener-antonis-stamboulos-beginnt-hunger-und-durststreik/