Tuhad-Der: We support the hunger strike of prisoners

Members of the TUHAD-DER (Solidarity Association of Prisoners’ Families) Amed Branch gathered outside the Diyarbakır D Type Prison where they made a statement to the press declaring support to the hunger strike launched by Kurdish political prisoners in Turkish jails in solidarity with the Kobanê resistance against ISIS gangs.

The banner women carried read: “We salute the Kobanê resistance of PKK and PAJK prisoners.”

In a statement to the press on behalf of the demonstrators, Tuhad-Der Amed Branch Chairperson Cahit Demirkıran said Kobanê was the shining face of the Middle East, stressing that an approach towards Kobanê would mean an approach towards Kurds.

Recalling that some 5 thousand Kurdish prisoners in Turkish jails have launched a hunger strike on 15 September, Demirkıran said they, as families of prisoners, supported this strike which has been initiated to urge the government to abandon its policies on Rojava and to open an aid corridor into Kobanê.

“The demands highlighted by prisoners on hunger strike are our demands too”, Demirkıran added.

Quelle: http://en.firatajans.com/news/news/tuhad-der-we-support-the-hunger-strike-of-prisoners.htm