Amasya E Type prison: Organized state torture against political prisoners

Obviously, after the coup attempt in Turkey, the ruling power uses any opportunity to
increase its attacks against the democratic opposition andrevolutionary elements,
particularly in the special type prisons.

The latest report came from People’s Law Office regarding attacks on its clients in Amasya E-Type prison.
When lawyers of this lawyer’s bureau went to visit their clients Rıza Şahin, Akil Nergüz,
Murat Çeçen, Cem Aslan, Turgay Ayyıldız and Hasan Basri Yıldız, they found out, that the
prisoners were subjected to organized torture by the prison authorities.

*Peoples Law Office:*

As in many prisons, also at Amasya E-Type prison, our clients to not accept and resist against the fact, that ill prisoners are being killed, books are restricted and that the right of conversations between prisoners correspondent to an official circular is ignored.
In the course of this general resistance, the prisoners shout slogans and beat the doors for their right to live, their rights to communicate with each other and receive books.

Our clients, who started on 10th July with the action to beat against the cell door by their hands, continued with this resistance after 15th July. The prisoners, who resist for their fundamental rights by beating the doors, were threatened by the prison director and the head guard.

The director Aydin Celiker warned the prisoners ‘Everyone is harried by you beating the doors, should the other (social) prisoners intervene’. ‘You can’t beat the doors here, if you do so, you will bear the full consequences’.

After all those threats, first of all the director Aydin Celiker, the second director Oktay Besagil, Bekir Cil, head guard Fatih Kurt as well as another head guard named Mehmet, raided the cell of our clients with around 40 guardians, on 21th July 2016, at 10:05 a.m.

Our clients reported following about this attack:

‘The prison administration gave order to torture us by the use of swearing and menace. Prison director Aydin Celiker squeezed the throat of Akil Nergüz and shouted ‘You are terrorists, you have no rights here, you won’t beat the cells, you bastards!’Head guard Fatih Kurt, who is the head of the special guard team called A team, kicked and punched us. The other guards also constantly ordered ‘attack those terrorists, beat them’.

The guards, who came inside the cell with truncheons and shields, kicked and stamped on us They kicked us, beat with truncheons on our feet. During the attack, Murat Cecen’s nose was bleeding. A guardian bit him to his ear. Hasan Basri Yildiz, who is blind for 90%, was beaten against the wall with his head. They held the ears of Turgay Ayyildiz, who is around 50 years old, and hit his head against the wall.

This attack was directly organized and led by the 1st director Aydin Celiker, by the 2nd directors and head guards, who participated in this attack. They constantly gave the guardians the order to attack. Like unleashed furious dogs they tortured us for around 30 minutes. When we didn’t give in during the attack and shouted slogans, some of them became even more aggressive and increased their attack. The prison director especially told the guards to beat on the back of Riza Sahin. Following they beat several times on the back of Riza Sahin, who had an operation on his back, and they threw him to the ground from a height of 2 meters at the prison courtyard. Riza, who felt on this back and was beaten several times, couldn’t stand up for many days and meet his basic needs with great difficulties.

The administration along with 40 guards, attacked us again twice the next day, on 22th July 2016, and applied the same torture, for we continued to beat the cells. During a conversation the head guard Mehmet hit our friend Akil Nergüz with his fist. At this date our cell was attacked twice between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

After all these attacks we demanded that our friends, whom were beaten several times, as well as Riza, who got disabled his back, and the other injured persons are brought to the sickroom for treatment. But the administration only brought us to the sickroom after 12 days, at 2nd August 2016, in order to hide the traces of torture.

When our relatives asked the prison authorities why they didn’t bring us to the sickroom, they said, that there were not doctors available at these days. They told lies, there were doctors at the sickroom that day. Again, our applications for official complaint regarding torture to the prosecutor’s office were kept back by the prison administration.

Though we gave 3 applications on 22th, 25th and 29th July, we didn’t receive any number referring to our appeals. When we were questioned by the prosecutor, we found out that the applications didn’t reach the prosecutor’s office.’

We have filed complaint against the guards, who organized the attack and who participated and carried responsibility for this attack. This is not because we expect result from these complaints today or later, but to make a mark to history and to register these attacks.

Also the fate of 2nd Director of Metris prison, Fuat Karaosmanoglu is obvious. He was
responsible for the murder of Engin Ceber.Though he didn’t hit a single time, we charged
him and made campaigns against him for approving the torture and finally he got life

Same as in this examples, we will tag after the prison directors and guardians, who
torture our clients and tyrannize them. We will follow the torturers until they give
legally and politically account for their torture!

We warn the prison director and the torturing guardians at Amasya prison: The emergency rule period is temporarily. What we can understand from this period is,
that no public servant, no cader is irrevocable for the state. Each administrator and
officer, who make himself an instrument of the state in this period, who suit to unlawful
orders, commit massacres and torture, will bear the full consequences for these crimes in
another period. Further, our people have a strong memory and will never forget and forgive
crimes committed against it. Stop ideological hostility! …