Türkei/Kurdistan: KCK calls on prisoners to end the hunger strike

KCK called on prisoners on indefinite-irreversible hunger strike in Turkish jails to end their action, stating that they have achieved their goal by strengthening the democracy struggle against AKP-MHP fascism.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Presidency released a statement regarding the indefinite-irreversible hunger strike of political prisoners that has reached day 63.

KCK recalled that 300 prisoners are on indefinite-irreversible hunger strike and thousands of others are on alternate hunger strike demanding an end to the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, fascist attacks on the Kurdish people, political genocide operations against democratic politics and pressures in prisons.

Stressing that such an extensive action by prisoners is a result of the AKP-MHP fascist government’s escalation of practices in İmralı and all prisons based on Kurdish enmity KCK said: “Prisoners did not remain silent in the face of the pressures and persecution of our people as they have done in all periods. These prisoners who dedicated their lives to the freedom struggle have put up their revolutionary will by challenging death in the face of pressures. Our people, as always, have stood with their revolutionary children and supported this resistance.

The statement continued: “With the support of the people and democratic circles for the resistance of prisoners, the reasons for this action, i.e. the isolation in İmralı, pressures in prisons, political genocide operations against democratic politics and the fascist attacks on the people, have been brought to the agenda to the extent it was meant to, and they have thus achieved their goal.

With this action, prisoners have strengthened the democracy struggle against AKP-MHP fascism, thus leaving no more need to continue this resistance. Trusting that the highlighted issues will be followed up and this struggle will be continued in other ways and methods, we ask them to end the indefinite-irreversible hunger strike. The demands of resisting prisoners became the demands of our Freedom Movement, people and the public opinion. Our responsibility for the end of the pressures in İmralı and all other prisons will be fulfilled in a more sensitive way from now on.

The practices in İmralı and prisons and pressures on our people and democratic politics came into prominence further and become public knowledge with this resistance. Our people, democratic public opinion and we ourselves will follow up the issues highlighted by resisting prisoners, and make the necessary effort to this end. In this scope, the action that has reached death’s threshold must be ended immediately.

Should there be no favorable developments on the highlighted issues, it will be up to the will of resisting prisoners to go into action in a more planned and organized manner in the future. On this basis, we once again salute their action and call on them to end it, with the confidence that they have reached their goal.”