Greetings to and Solidarity with the Militant Revolutionary Prisoners

The biannual conference of the RHI took place from 11. to 12. November 2017.

We currently face adverse conditions as the system implements war, repression and a reactionary mobilization of the masses. This hardship coerces us to reconnect and recompose class forces so that they can be comprehensible in immediate struggles and demonstrate a perspective. Concerning this, the RHI sees itself confirmed in its work and role. Even more than this, the RHI is currently experiencing a phase of development and progress.

More and more frequently, the sections of the RHI find themselves in the midst of junctions of class confrontations when conducting their campaigns. The campaign for the liberation of Georges Abdallah experienced a leap of quality in this year with the participation of the Palestinian organization Samidoun. This allowed mobilizations from Palestine to New York during the international week of actions between the 14. and 21. October. Many cities in Europe and the Middle East participated. Georges and his actions in Palestine, Libanon and Europe are illustrative for the confrontation with imperialism. A confrontation that reaches into the banlieues of the megacities.

This phenomenon is reproduced in the revolutionary process surrounding the resistance of the progressive Turkish and Kurdish forces. A process of freedom and socialist nature. It is also the only alliance that stands against the hell which the imperialist forces and the local reactionary regimes have unleashed. The experience of the International Freedom Bataillons is a wonderful expression and representative of this. They stand in a historical line with the international brigades of the Spanish Republic. The RHI supports them and has a constructive and dialectic relationship with them. The RHI does not conceal the contradictions or the limitations which are founded in the balance of power (pressure by all imperialists and the reactionary regimes of the region), but aims to support the development of the revolutionary forces. The campaign for hemostatic ‘Celox’ developed this way. It is a very successful campaign with a lot of potential in the development of solidarity with a progressing revolution. It is under these circumstances that the relationship with a Turkish organization that has long been part of the RHI has become even stronger.

Near this bubbling cauldron, the Greek revolutionary movement is another point of reference. During the tumultuous crisis that unfolded across the country it could participate in the wavelike mass struggles and contribute radical elements for a revolutionary perspective. The movement could not yet make a qualitative leap as a union to equip the determination for confrontation with programmatic and adequate strategic elements. The field remains fruitful and the imprisoned comrades are exemplary for this. The RHI has a very good and dialectic political relationship of solidarity with them. Just now, as we write these lines, Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa (militants of ‘Revolutionary Struggle’) have begun a hunger strike to highlight the conditions of their imprisonment and discuss them in a political document.

A campaign has begun in Italy in support of militants of the BR-PCC who are imprisoned under the conditions of article 41bis. A lot has been done by antagonistic groups against these conditions of imprisonment because they are a heavy form of torture and aim to destroy the prisoners. The RHI will focus on the application of this article against advanced revolutionary forces and organizations of struggle. It is a necessity to support these prisoners and transport their value back to reality to create a connection with the forms of repression against mass struggles which are employed systematically today. The RHI can intervene to the benefit of a class front which stands against repression and for the development of the movement.

The days in Hamburg were a huge moment of development and experience. With all of the confrontation on the streets, on the squares and later in the prisons against a broad repression by the German state, the leader of all European counterrevolutionary and imperialist politics. Here too a field for contacts and closeness opens between imprisoned militants from different levels of organization. A diversity that reflects the different steps which are necessary for the development and construction of a revolutionary force to be able to confront the current situation.

To summarize, this confirms that the prisoners represent the interior of the class movement and the revolutionary tendency. The RHI is proud to continue this work, to support and guarantee the struggle for this connection and the contributions of the militant prisoners.

We send them our warmest hugs and all our closeness and solidarity! 




Conference of the Red Help International

Zürich November 2017