Solidarity with anarchists in Russia

For the 18th of March, the day of solidarity with political prisoners, we wish to express our solidarity with imprisoned anarchists and antifascists in Russia. They have been targeted by the Russian political police FSB in the days leading up to today’s presidential election in Russia. While the political repression against revolutionaries has a decade-long tradition in Russia, the most recent attacks were against comrades in Chelyabinsk. As in previous cases, the comrades were beaten and tortured by the police.

However, our comrades refuse to bow to the power of the state. They have declared that they will not cooperate with the state and instead focus their strength on propagating their political opinion and continuing their struggle. We believe that this is the only adequate response to repression – we will not retreat and give up, we must continue and acknowledge that an attack against us must mean that the state feels threatened by us.

Freedom for Russian anarchists and antifascists!

Rote Hilfe Schweiz